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Total Transformative Living

Discover what life with PURPOSE and FREEDOM is all about.

Travel beyond personal training and personal growth
into the world of personal transformation.

This is my most elite personal transformation program yet.

Space is very limited.

Let's spend a year together...

If you've already done a personal training program, or you've worked with life coach...

If you've tried a few different approaches to healthy living, but you're just not feeling like you're knocking it out of the park...

There's a good chance what you're missing out on is an integrative approach to lifestyle optimization. One that unlocks not only your healthiest lifestyle, but also helps you dig deep to uncover your passions, your joys, and your purpose.

Every year I take on a few select clients who want to really bring their "A" game to their lifestyle, fitness, relationships, and goals. This isn't a simple training program to help you drop a few pounds or fit into a designer dress. 

This is Total Transformative Living

I'm committing my next 12 months to your Exceptional growth

Total Transformative Living is my #1 ELITE program for the truly driven. It involves a full year of lifestyle design, audits, training, and more -- so, it's not the kind of thing you'll be able to take lying down. Because the program is so intensive and focused on YOU, I'm only able to take a limited number of clients. 

We'll meet either in person (if you're in the GTA) or online. You'll be working through my training app as well, so everything you need to do week by week is all scheduled and ready to execute.

I'm committing my next 12 months to your exceptional growth. Are you?

Here are the key areas we're going to cover, uncover, recover, and discover during our year together: 


Let's dig deep into your goals and find your passions and purpose. Is there a hidden gem of brilliance locked away? We'll find your calling and bring it to the world.


Think about your breath. Your calm. Your energy. Where does it flow? If you're not thinking about your whole wellness, you could be limiting your own potential. 


Goals are great. But are the common rules of the everyday holding you back? What's keeping you from truly manifesting your best self?


No success can fully bloom unless the vessel for that success is at peak performance. We'll craft a fitness program that is efficient, effective, and optimized for you.


How does your diet impact your daily life and success? Are you eating for entertainment, or for a purpose? Forget the latest trends and fads. We'll get the fuel you need scientifically.


How are you spending your time? Is your inner world reflected in your lifestyle? Let's do what we can to bring you into alignment. Everything from style to sleep to society.

An Introduction

I'm Steve Baric. For the last two decades, I've been helping people transform their bodies and for the last seven years I've helped reset their metabolic hormones with my flagship training program, Your Personal Reset Button. I've also been helping divorced dads recover their self esteem and personal growth with the Man Under Construction Project.

I've been teaching taiji and qigong, as well as meditation and breathwork, for 20 years, and one of my main areas of expertise as an entrepreneur has been helping small businesses increase their digital presence and social media pull. In that capacity, I've become well-established as a Change Management Specialist, Corporate Trainer, and Executive Management Specialist.

I'm an ISSA-Certified Elite Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Transformation Specialist. I'm also a certified Master Life Coach, specializing in the areas of Happiness, Life Purpose, and Personal Transformation. On my team, I also have incredibly savvy experts in Yoga Therapy, time management, and personal style. If there's an area of your life you want to refine, we have the tools to get you there.

Here's the process...

First, you'll get on a discovery call with me or my team. In that call, we'll get to know a bit more about you, your situation, and where you'd like to be in the next 12 months. Then, if you and I decide we're a good fit, we'll get started.

The next step will be to schedule your first half-day marathon coaching session, where we'll dive deep into your Lifestyle Audit, get to know each other a bit better, and start putting together your plan for the year. 

Throughout the year we'll have monthly one-on-one coaching calls for accountability, action steps, review and revision. At the six-month point we'll have another half-day private coaching session and start the blueprint process all over again.

This is a comprehensive, detailed, and sometimes emotional dive into the limiting factors holding you back and the real solutions you need to push yourself into the future. It's not just training or life coaching. It's Holistic Lifestyle Consultation, and it's the full bag of everything I have in my arsenal and everything I've been teaching for nearly two decades.


Clear your mental clutter, get focused on your day, and take each day on like a case study in personal and professional success! You DESERVE to wake up excited!!


Create an optimized internal environment for growth by building and maintaining a healthy body through exercise, nutrition, and relaxation.


Stop treating your income like another task on your list. Move the needle every day to build your empire and create the purpose-driven life you deserve.

Incredible Relationships

When you take time to invest in your own growth, you nurture and grow the people around you. Bring them into your world and watch your abundance truly blossom.

Book Your Call

This discovery call is completely free. We'd just like to get you on the phone and have a chat to find out a little more about where you'd like to take your transformation over the next year, and how motivated you are to make the changes needed to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really transform my life?

No. But you can.

My role as a coach is not to do the work or solve your problems for you. It's to open you up to the realization that you can solve these problems yourself. I'm the guide on that journey, giving you a voice of reason, encouragement, and sometimes butt-kicking, to keep you on track, organized, and focused on where you want to be.

OK, but how much?

Let's be real: 

This is 12 months of personal training, plus nutrition, plus sleep coaching, plus internal breathwork, plus life coaching, plus motivational coaching, plus success coaching...I could go on.

So, you have a choice: think of what it costs, or think of what it's worth. Before we get to price, let's get on a call and find out what you need. It might not even be this comprehensive...we'll find the right fit.

Will you help me plan my meals?

I can help, but I can't plan them for you.

As a certified nutritionist, I am able to provide you with general nutrition guidelines designed to point you in the direction of your optimal food intake. And I can tell you which foods will deliver on your nutritional goals. But I can't diagnose, treat, or prescribe treatments or therapies for any illness, dysfunction, or injury.

For comprehensive meal planning, a Registered Dietician is the appropriate professional.

What if I quit?

Quitting is never a good option. 

We'll go through a series of exercises first to determine WHY you want to quit, and see if there are ways we can turn that around for you.

But, I know things happen and sometimes we need to take a pause. No big deal. You'll finish out your current month and that will be the end of this part of your journey. Be advised, though, that if you've bundled payments cancellation charges may apply (see your Client Agreement for more details).

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