15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

Purposefairy.com, a great resource for finding direction for a purpose-filled life, has put together a list of 15 things you should give up to be happy and find greater optimism. While it’s very true that no one can find absolute happiness, and that many of the situations the author mentions lack subtleties that may pertain to major life events, depression, etc., lists of this kind are useful for laying out personal objectives.

Nothing can be handled in a big chunk like this list, and remember that these are merely guidelines. But here are the 15 things in short form, just to get you started thinking about them:

  1. Give up your need to always be right.
  2. Give up your need for control.
  3. Give up on blame.
  4. Give up your self-defeating self-talk.
  5. Give up your limiting beliefs.
  6. Give up complaining.
  7. Give up the luxury of criticism.
  8. Give up your need to impress others.
  9. Give up your resistance to change.
  10. Give up labels.
  11. Give up on your fears.
  12. Give up your excuses.
  13. Give up the past.
  14. Give up attachment.
  15. Give up living your life to other people?s expectations.

You can view the whole list, with detailed explanations, on the original post at Purposefairy.com.

Steve Baric

Steve is an ISSA-certified Elite Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Transformation Specialist. He helps men of all ages and levels regain control of their emotional and mental wellness, take the reins on their health and fitness, and optimize their lifestyles for the best possible quality of life.

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